No matter what type of video you make, these are the common elements to almost all videos as well as our process when producing animated videos. lt is important to note that the video production is a linear process. This means that we cannot do one step before the one before is completed:

  1. Script writing
  2. Voice over production
  3. Story boarding
  4. Animation

Here is our delivery time & process for each step:

Script writing – 2 business days from your interview with our script writer. lf revisions are required, those revisions will be delivered 1 business day from when you provide them to our script writer.
Voice over production – 1-2 business days from the script being approved by you.
Story boarding – 10 business days to produce a full story board from the time you approve the voice over.
Animation – 20 business days from the time you approve the story board for a cartoon video, or 15 business days from the time you approve the story board for a whiteboard video.
Revisions on any of the above – 2-3 business days.

With all of the above, these times are based on a standard video of 75 seconds in length and a “normal” level of complexity. If your video is longer and contains very complex animation (like software demonstrations), then turnaround times will be longer.

There are two things that cause a variation in timing:

  1. How you take to provide feedback on various aspects of production (script, story board and the finished product).
    Some clients we deal with are a one-man-startup and feedback comes back straight away. Other clients have a marketing guy, a CEO, and the legal department who all have to sign off. These clients can take weeks to get approval on each of the stages, not taking into account the time we need to actually do the work. So the speed of turnaround times is one of the things that causes large differences in delivery time.
  2. How many revisions you request at each stage of production.
    Obviously the fewer times we have to revise something, the less time it will take to get your video. Some clients want the script revised twice, the story board revised twice, and the animation tweaked over and over. Other clients require few or no changes.