Terms and Conditions


As we produce a digital product, we do not offer product exchanges of any kind.


We do not begin any work on any video without receiving 50% deposit on any issued invoice.

Refunds are allowed within the first 3 days after signing your contract. Once work has started, there are no refunds.


If a client wishes to cancel a work order at any time they may do so, however the refund policy (explained above) will apply.


All videos come with the following warranties:

  • All works will be original works and not infringe on the copyrights of any third party.
  • All finished videos will be delivered in HD, SD, WMV and MP4 format.
  • All files will be free of data damage and suitable for upload to YouTube or any other video hosting channel.
  • All works will be “works for hire” meaning that the client will own the video in its entirety, free of any ongoing licensing fees or copyright obligations to No Barriers Media or associated entities.

For further information regarding anything on this page, please contact us.